Welcome to the Daily Dose of Stupid

Welcome to Your Daily Dose of Stupid.

Your source for the stupidestpeople on earth. We’ve evolved over millions of years into the smartest creature on earth. We’ve cracked the atom, visited space, and developed complex machines and yet, and yet… so many of us are stupid. You see them and wonder, “Just how much brain power is required to sustain basic life functions?” Whether you call them morons, idiots, retards, zombie proof, or scarecrows, one day it hits you: these are the people who you share the roads with. These people are in charge of multi-national corporations and countries. They’re the people our kids (and even some obsessed adults) worship for their feats of athletic prowess. They’re the celebrities around whom entire magazines and tv shows are dedicated to bringing us the latest news on their private life.

We’re always looking for good stories, so if you have a great example of a stupid person, be it a quote, a stupid criminal, a Darwin winner (or future winner), send us an email. We always are looking to feel just a little bit better about ourselves, knowing that there’s people out there way more stupid then us.


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