Ben Stein wants teachers to bne able to teach something other then the idea that “things change over time”

March 12, 2008

<a href=”http://www.abcactionnews.com/news/local/story.aspx?content_id=9668cf8b-5910-42e1-bcd7-a34cc7b01879″>also known as evolution</a>

Let me share with you a picture from a church that I happen to agree with (and that’s not a compliment)

<img src=”http://www.rapidcityjournal.com/politicalblog/wp-content/1004267.jpg”&gt;

Reason is the enemy of faith. Yes. Yes it is. Faith is belief in the absence of proof. It is belief in the face of proof you are wrong. Reason is based on logic. it is based on quantifiable observations. In this really well written article on why science is not a religion, the writer explains that The scientific method makes one assumption, and one assumption only: the Universe obeys a set of rules. That’s it. . Ben Stein and all the other creationists/intelligent design proponents all keep saying that “we don’t know” and “to say that evolution is the only possible explanation denies the opprtunity for new theories and ideas to be discussed” or my favorite “it’s only a theory, it’s unproven”

New scientific discoveries occur with great frequency which help to better understand the origins of life. As it says in the above linked article: all things follow rules. When we see something that doesn’t fit our understanding of the rules, we realize that we must re-assess our previously held assumptions. For example, Recent discoveries in paleontology have resulted in the shifting of entire branch of dinosaurs because we didn’t have the tree of life down properly.

Those who push the creationism/ID theory don’t want us to research, don’t want us to investigate, don’t want us to learn. Such thought processes are anti-thetical to the idea of faith. “It is because we told you so” is good enough. Of course that line of thought would be threatened by someone researching and finding out it’s just not so. What scares me is that these are intelligent people, raised in a modern world full of scientific evidence to backup this ideas, and yet people continue to cling to superstition and myth.

Its actually kind of sad.


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