Parents eagerly say yes to random drug testing of school students

March 9, 2008

Some parents say they welcome a proposal to voluntarily test their children for drugs, saying the effort will help prevent drug abuse and spark needed conversations about drugs between parents and kids.

Where do I even begin on this concept.

First of all, in random drug tests, random drunk driving check points, any sort of “random” test, makes everyone prove that they are innocent when there is no evidence they have commited a crime. In America you are innocent till proven guilty. Under the theory “if you’re innocent then why are you worried”, then police should be able to come into our homes unnanounced to look for anything they want. The government should be able to listen to our phone calls, know what we have purchased, who we’ve spoken to, where we’ve gone, what books we read, etc etc. The government does not have this right because in America, there needs to be some evidence of wrong doing before anyone is allowed to read your mail, bug your phone, come into your house or pull you over on the road.

Secondly, drugs should not be illegal. We waste billions ever year on a “war” that has largely failed. It has not stopped the use of drugs, and has only made drug dealers rich and imprisoned millions of people unnecesarily. At the US mayor conference in 2007, they adopted a resolution declaringthe drug war a failure. Alchohol and tobacco kill far more people then illegal drugs, and we already know that prohibition of alchohol was disaster, yet we continue to follow the same path, knowing the outcome will be the same. In addition, if you look at most drug laws, they are racist in nature, often created because of fear of blacks (who used heroin) and chinese (who used cocaine). Also most arrests are of minorities as well.

Finally, the idea that this will promote dialogue amongst students and their parents is ludicrous. What discussion? The “you did when you were a kid but I can’t discussion?” The “I trust you, but I still want to spy on you” discussion? The “you’re addicted to nicotine but I’m bad for smoking one joint” discussion? True discussion comes when parents and kids put away the parent hat and the child hat and talk about the fact that drugs are out there. Talk about what they do, how they affect people, and why they certainly shouldn’t be drinking or doing drugs till they’re an adult. They also need to realize that the more you demonize something, the more punative you are, the more it will be sought after. Or don’t parents remember what happened when they were kids?


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